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Helpful Info here

Loudoun County Parks and Rec Field Status: https://rainoutline.com/search/dnis/7034540011

Helpful Items from your coaches handouts:
Please ensure that you police the field for debris before you leave.  We are guests of the schools, County and Town.  Please be sure to close and lock the field box.  Water and marking dust do not mix well! 

If you open the last bag of anything in the field box, so more supplies can be delivered to the field.

Field Box Combo's
Arcola ES 1616
Brambton #6 0276
Madison's Trust 1616
Moorefield Station ES 1616
Rosa Lee Carter ES 6161
Sycolin Creek ES 1616

Link for Injury Reporting:  Form 1   Form 2       Submit to

Safety Plan

First Aid for Coaches

Items needed in case of an emergency.  If you call 911, please contact a member of the Board ASAP.

Here are items to help Coaches

Click here for the latest Local Rules 

Sample Practice Plan for TBall and AA

Indoor:   Practice Drills

Player rotation for Field Play and batting order. Here is a 3 inning roster that rotates players throughout every position throughout the entire season. It can be modified easily by just changing the formatting to extend it by a few innings.

T-Ball and AA coaches - Your best way to teach your players to catch is to teach them the around the clock glove positions.  Then tell the girls where you're going to toss it and toss it to them. Start at the knees or 6 O'clock.  Get parents to help you toss with the girls to prevent the chaos of girls chasing balls constantly.  It will help you bring organization into your practice and hopefully the parents you get to help will use this method at home.